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Research, work with these two atom websites today

Record three things you learned from each website in your Science Journal page 67 – due 2/25 when I collect journals for grading.

preparation for Socratic Seminar on topic of Climate Change

Disclaimer:  I am going to let kids read the facts and then debate them. This is not the only website I will post, and will update as time permits.  Thank  you for your patience.

Summary for Policymakers of IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C approved by governments




Another freebie photo for your use in project. Add your own story.

Nov 5 at 4PM in front of school

compass settings for Waxing Crescent

239 is sun

213 is moon

Remember to find the difference of the angles.  239 – 213 is 26 degrees.  This sounds just about right, as the moon had just been at New Moon days before, which would have been 0 degrees.

Time of photo 6:31 PM pacific time on 10/29/2019

Waxing Crescent Photo you can use!

Moon Info

Test Retake offered

Solar & Planet Test (“retake” different test version) on Friday, Oct. 25 at lunch. (Can bring lunch, or take then leave for lunch).

Must attend at least one study session at lunch on either Tuesday or Wednesday, Oct. 22 or 23.  First 20 minutes Q and A and “what to study” and how to take a multiple choice test will be discussed.  Ask for pass in advance.

Cannot show any missing assignments in Synergy.  (Extra credit is not a required assignment and may show “missing”.  This is the only exception.)

Grades of both tests to be averaged.

Quizlet might help

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