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  • By Deborah Amaya, January 7, 2019 @ 10:48 pm

    Hello dear friend, I miss you first and foremost. Could we get together soon — by phone, or dinner (my treat), or at one of our homes. I have thought of you (and Schroeder!) and boy do laugh and realize how fortunate we were to work together.Angela and I got to talking (we ran into each other at the Post Office and shared the issues you are dealing with. It blew me away.
    I hope our getting together would give us a chance to share our mutual experiences we’ve been through these last years. I often wonder what your children are doing. So let’s go for it. Can you share your phone number and perhaps give me a call–Home is 541-855-1008 or Cell 541-816-9369.
    BTW your blog is fantastic: it gets a viewers attention, it’s clean and neat with invitations to read and interact on many levels — I’ve often admired the many creative ways you present science,e.g. most are outside the box like using cartoon figures representing Einstein and yourself;your string theory representation, your

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