Survey of Academic Lab

The assignment was to write one thing that they were happy about today!

I woke up and saw my baby brother.

I am happy that I get to see my dad.

I watched my baby brother for my mom.

I got to have another day.

I won a basketball game.

I got a hug.

I had a good lunch.

I am glad that I got all of my class work and homework done.

I ate cereal.

I got to have lunch.

I got to email my friend in North Dakota.

To live life.

I am happy because the day is over.

Today my friend gave me a piece of gum.

I got to show my Power Point to the class in Social Studies.

I had a tasty lunch.

I was with my friends at lunch.

I had a great lunch.

It snowed a few times today!  I completed a few things on K? Academy.

I got a yummy cookie for lunch (chocolate chip).

I almost got a friend.


Just thought some of you might like to see what is on the sixth graders’ minds.  Enjoy the rest of the week.

Mrs. Richards




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