Moon Info

Test Retake offered

Solar & Planet Test (“retake” different test version) on Friday, Oct. 25 at lunch. (Can bring lunch, or take then leave for lunch).

Must attend at least one study session at lunch on either Tuesday or Wednesday, Oct. 22 or 23.  First 20 minutes Q and A and “what to study” and how to take a multiple choice test will be discussed.  Ask for pass in advance.

Cannot show any missing assignments in Synergy.  (Extra credit is not a required assignment and may show “missing”.  This is the only exception.)

Grades of both tests to be averaged.

Quizlet might help

Solar Test on Monday

Study notes and bellringers.  Use link in following post & read about the sun.  Complete sketch of sun, 15 – 20 labelled features, 8 facts and slogan in Science Journal pg 27. Study practice quiz.

Where you are in the universe mini essay links

You may read the following information.  Please do not plagiarize (copy and or “change words” and publish).


Remember, see Google Classroom for instructions.




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