For Planet or other Space Topic Use this link only, Monday, 10/01

for quizlet flash cards


“A teeny tiny report”

Select a topic of interest, and read and take some notes.  You may highlight one picture.  You can open a google doc to take your notes, which we can later link to your web page you are creating in Mr. D’s class.  (You may also read/research/take notes on paper.  More instructions to follow. GO TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM FOR MORE INSTRUCTIONS; DUE 10/09  Topic ideas include:


  • planet other than Earth
  • dwarf planet
  • moons of Jupiter
  • Milky Way Galaxy


Earth – Sun – Moon System unit begins!

Quizlet flash cards


We’ve started our new unit on the Earth – Sun – Moon System!  Learning Targets this week will include the orbit order of planets in our solar system, and a sense of our place (and the size) of the universe.  It’s a great time to talk with your child about space & to share your thoughts about this very “big” topic.

Also, ask to see your child’s Science Journal.  It is ordered by topic, and each page has a specific item assigned to it.  Notice the increasing level of rigor, and watch for the student response pages which will be the left side page (evens).

Also, sometime next week, I will assign students to share their journals.  Please take a few moments and respond.  It means a lot to kids (as you well know) to have someone other than the teacher appreciate and comment on their work.  Look for content as well as neatness, creativity and your child’s enthusiasm for the topic.


Thank you for your support!

Alison Richards

Science Journal due Friday 09/21

We will go over pages in table of contents.  (Some pages are still to be worked on this week; but grading pages 4 – 11 for completion, neatness, and content.)  So far we’ve completed 4, 7, 9, 10, and 11.

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