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Missing Everybody

Stay healthy! See you all in the future!  (Sometime soon I hope!)


Atoms Atoms Atoms

Research, work with these two atom websites today

Record three things you learned from each website in your Science Journal page 67 – due 2/25 when I collect journals for grading.

preparation for Socratic Seminar on topic of Climate Change

Disclaimer:  I am going to let kids read the facts and then debate them. This is not the only website I will post, and will update as time permits.  Thank  you for your patience.

Summary for Policymakers of IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C approved by governments




Another freebie photo for your use in project. Add your own story.

Nov 5 at 4PM in front of school

compass settings for Waxing Crescent

239 is sun

213 is moon

Remember to find the difference of the angles.  239 – 213 is 26 degrees.  This sounds just about right, as the moon had just been at New Moon days before, which would have been 0 degrees.

Time of photo 6:31 PM pacific time on 10/29/2019

Waxing Crescent Photo you can use!

Moon Info

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