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Updated Links to the Universe!

Try any of these websites.   Explore a topic and takes notes, create art, etc., but be sure to give science related information to back up the art and creativity.  Put the final work on pages 20 or 30 in your science journal.


Don’t forget about the



Happy “travels” through these websites.


Send your name to fly into space on Orion.

Ask your parents/guardians first, then log in to the website below, and enter your name to be flown on the Orion Mission.  Lauch date, Dec 2014.

Must enter name by Oct. 31.  Then print your virtual ticket!

See you on board!

🙂 Mrs. R.


Also, be sure to watch the “for more information”!

Solar versus Lunar Eclipse Poems

Please email or respond to this post so that I might be able to upload the awesome science poetry you created this week!

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