Links for Mini-mini-mini Research Report

“Land on Pluto”

Pick one planet.  Find 10 facts.

Choice 1: Poster (1 or 2 pictures, neat, colorful, title or slogan, 8 facts as bullet points)

Choice 2: Mini-Report (be sure to use own words) cite sources

Choice 3:  Letter from the planet describing it as if you are there.  2 – 3 paragraphs.  Make is sound exciting.

choice 4:  Cinquain.  (I have the form, should have 8 facts (will fit into format)

Choice 5:  List ten facts as short points (make bullet point look like the planet!)

May type or use computer graphics, or own drawings.  May hand write.  Glue to page 8.

Grading:  Science 8-10 facts (20 points)

Artistic Expression (5 points)

Extra Credit:  (based on going above and beyond! up to 5 points)



Welcome back to school!

Sometimes nature “takes my breath away” – maybe it was the smoke, but it sure made the sunset gorgeous last week!

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