Phet Simulations – Density Lab

Density Lab & Report due Tuesday, 1/31

Density Lab and Report:  Due Tuesday, 01/31/17


Describe the materials used and procedure.  Also, give some examples of the density you calculated, the density table information that relates, and why your cube’s density was slightly different. 


Describe the difficulties and fun parts of the lab.


Explain how density helps us to identify objects (and be sure to say something about the atom and how this relates to the object’s density.



Min. 15 sentences: 25 points

Detailed information that includes some data discussion: 10 points

Neat, preferred typed or in ink with correct spelling, punctuation & grammar: 10

Data attached to back with staple:  50 points

Title page:  5 pts.


Total points:  100 points

Mass, Volume, Density

We are exploring properties of matter.  Today students became familiar using a triple beam balance to get the masses of several objects.  I told them they all “graduated” on using the triple beams successfully.  Next week, we will be using our skills to determine the density of 9 different blocks and determining their identity based on our measurements, calculations, and density charts.  Be sure to ask your kids about this lab (next week)!  It is usually very popular.

Atom Exploration

Happy New Year 2017!

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