fyi Science Progress Report printed for p1 & p2 (Error on date for late work)

Late work for trimester II is due in my class no later than Tuesday, March 3rd.  Sorry for the confusion.

Physics of Motion – Valentine Velocity!

Our initial calculations in velocity.  A little fun with Valentine Velocity!


Oceanography Test Retake and Study Sessions

Some students have requested a re-take on the Oceanography Test.  Therefor, I will be offering brief study sessions during lunch (first 20 minutes) on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Students who wish to be re tested on this material must attend at least one of the sessions, bring corrected test, and write a one to two paragraph short essay explaining one of the following topics (from the test):

  • How waves are formed
  • Tsunamis and how they differ from waves
  • How Spring & Neap tides are formed and how they affect the shoreline
  • How deep ocean currents are formed, and how this relates to the Thermohaline Current

Finally, the test will not be identical to the first test, as this would turn the value of test scores into mastering the test, rather than mastering the material and being able to apply it in questions on the test.


TEST will be given at lunch on Friday.  Students may bring their lunches, as the test will take approx. 35 minutes to complete.  No journals will be allowed to support test answers in this session as in the first session.


Good Luck and happy studying!

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