Journal pg 60 Components & Conditions Necessary for Life

Due Friday, 04/03,  to read to other students.  Volunteers who read to whole class will receive 2 extra credit points.

15 – 20 sentences explaining components necessary for life and thoughts on exobiology and place in universe.

Paragraph 1: Intro (life on Earth)

Paragraph 2: Building blocks of cells (i.e., proteins, carbohydrates, lipids)

Paragraph 3:  Astrobiology – what is it?  Why?

Paragraph 4:  Your thoughts, ideas, hopes about this topic (School appropriate please)

*Note:  In class we talked about the idea that we aren’t looking for “little green men” but rather the search is for a building block for cells that might make bacteria, a plant, an algae form that might exist elsewhere in the universe.  The point is to apply what we know about necessity to for life and think about how to find and identify it.

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