Cells Project: Research Begins Tues., April 21. Project due May 5.

Projects were due:  May 5th.  A big portion of the Cell Project was to give detailed key facts about 8 – 10 organelles (worth 60/100 points including mechanics).  Many models are excellent but lacking these keys leaves many projects incomplete at this point.  Please encourage your student to complete that necessary step so that I might finalize project grades.

Detailed instructions will be discussed with your student on Tuesday, April 21.  Those instructions, along with an acknowledgment page (for your signature) will come home that day.

The following web sites may be helpful for your research project due May 5.

http://www.cellsalive.com/ click on picture on top left






The above sites are interactive and are definite musts for your research.  Be sure to take notes, and be careful not to plagiarize this project.  If the material is too complicated, then please ask for clarification.


If you find any real cool sites, please submit by copying and pasting along with a brief description to help guide us.  I will upload them after review.  Be careful not to do random searches into unknown territory.  If you add the K12 or kids or education it will often help alleviate taking you to some undesirable site.  However, the above sites are truly the best I’ve found.


Happy Studying!!!

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